Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whats for Lunch?

Question.... Do you buy lunch or bring lunch?  If you bring lunch, to you buy pre-made or home made?  I am constantly running out of money  (hey, I am a mom!) So am trying to look to save in different areas.  My latest endeavor has been the lunch thing.  I really have not gone out for lunch that much in the last 3 years, maybe once or twice a pay period.  Then I would usually buy frozen meals to have at work.  I put a max on them of $3 each and thought that was pretty good.  But when you think about it, $3 x 20 days a month is $60 or $720 a year.  Then add in the occasional eating out at $5-10 for lunch and you can easily be up to $1000 a year.. and that is just for lunch.  So I have started making my lunch, no pre made, but actually preparing and thinking of left overs that are good lunches etc.  I can get a large box of salad greens at Costco for $3.99, I split them with a friend, so $2, then I bring to work, add some mandarin oranges, some feta cheese, some sliced deli meat, maybe a few olives ( 5 olives = 25 calories) and it tastes wonderful, was made for way cheap and to buy the equivalent at a fast food place would cost around $5.  When I fix chicken I make extra for the salad.

The other night I made a 24 hr roast ( 1 roast, any size, cheapest you can find, 1 pack of brown gravy mix, 1 package of Italian dressing mix or 1 cup of a marinade or dressing of your choice, add 2 more cups of water so you have at least 2-3 c liquid depending on the size of the roast, put in the crock pot on high over night, break apart in the morning and turn on low and then like magic loose meat roast for dinner)  I had that one night then the next night added the veggies I had in the freezer and cupboard, some onion soup mix, and then it was soup.  Or you can add BBQ sauce and have BBQ meat, or you can use the meat for enchiladas... get the picture?  I did soup, since it is dang cold out and it is a great comfort food.  Then today... had soup for lunch, probably tomorrow and then put in the freezer.  So one time cooking and how many meals?  Love it!  especially when you figure the cost per meal by the time you finish.

Well its back to work for me, dreaming of warm places, but on the other hand, cold weather brings out the comfort foods!

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