Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snack time! and other ramblings.....

I have a sweet tooth.. big time!  I admit it and I have issues with it.  It usually hits me in the evenings and then its scrounge around for what I can find.  I now have a new go to food.  Frozen fruits.  Yep.  You can have a variety and is more than just fruit.  I take about a cup of blackberries, or blueberries or mixed berries and put it in a bowl that has a good lid.  Add a 1/2 cup of skim milk and one packet of your favorite artificial sweetener and put the lid on.. then shake well!  The milk will get all frothy, then let it sit and it will not quite freeze, but almost makes a pseudo ice cream.

I have also found this blog... annies eats and she has some great ideas that are easy to fix.  She has a wide variety of ideas, some healthy, some not so much so but look wonderful!  I am going to try the Roasted Shrimp with Feta, it sounds so wonderful!!!

I have taken a new step and it starts next week,  On 3/23 I start a Zumba class.  That should be interesting!!!  Bet we will be laughing so hard, that alone will be good exercise!  Then on 3/26 I go in for testing at Farrell's.. yep, I signed up to do the Extreme Body Makeover again.  I have kept all the weight off from the first time and down one more size, but not much past that.  So going again to get my move on.  Lastly, since I am signed up for the Honolulu Marathon on 12/11, so I am starting the running group on 4/4 and also going to start with a running coach.

Well, those are the plans!  what are your plans?  Anything working for you?  not?  What has been the most helpful thing?  I know I slacked off for a while but feel I am getting back on track, I think having temps above freezing and that wonderful sunshine make a huge difference!

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