Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And so the journey begins!!

Goals: Better Health and Fitness
          Learn new recipes
          Get moving
          Build lifetime habits

This is a two part "contest".

1. Weight Loss- Like the Biggest Loser, we will go by percentage of weight loss.  Our weeks will start on Wednesdays, so tomorrow weigh in and send me the weight.  I will not share this with the team.  After that on Wednesday's send me your current weight and then I will post the percentages of weight loss for everyone to see.  One thing that helps with weight loss is to keep a log of everything that goes in your mouth.  Keep track.  If you chose, you can send me your food log and as I get them all in I will forward for everyone to see.  Just seeing someone elses diet, you can get meal ideas or see where you went wrong. It also will help hold you accountable.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, I have made a sheet for me, and will forward if you are interested.  Also, if you find a recipe that is great, forward to the group!  Lets help each other out!  Who ever has the largest percentage of weight loss "wins".

2. Fitness.  We are all at different levels of fitness and some able to do more than others.  Only do what you can per drs orders (and you know who I am talking too!!!!).  This is based totally on amount of exercise, not how long or how strong, but how many days of doing something.  So the requirements is 30 minutes per day minimum of exercise.  It does not have to be all at once, but it has to be intentional and every day.  So you have to keep a log, of what day you exercise and how long and what you do.  At the end of this, winner is the person who has the most days of exercise.

Time period:  starts 1/5/11
                     ends: May 2010... the finale of the Biggest Loser...  we can all watch the finale together and crown our own Loser

If you want to add anything else let me know!  Please have this Wednesday's weight to me no later than Friday!

Good Luck!  and I hope we are all Losers!

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