Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Morning! end of week 3!!

I am so grumpy, the spotted wonder dog decided it was a good thing to bark at 3am and then 5:30.  My alarm goes off at 6, so do you see the problem here?  So I did get up up and let them out both times, but the 2nd time took them for a walk.  She is just in a social mood.

Now for the great news.  I weighed myself last night and lost another 2lbs, so, since we started I have lost 5lbs an now weigh 185.  Baby steps!

What am I doing Right:  writing down my foods, measuring, reading labels and not beating myself up if I eat something that is not a "good" food.

What am I doing Wrong: Not exercising!  I was doing so well since I have to walk dogs, but then we got all the snow and ice and that has made it interesting to say the least!  I still walk them but not as far and not with any speed so I cannot call it exercise.  My goal next week is to start back at the gym a couple days a week.

Things that have helped-- when I went shopping last week I bought some new glad lock containers for bringing lunch to work.  I also bought a big thing of salad at Costco.  I have been actually fixing my lunch and bringing it to work, then I know exactly what I have and can fix it the way I want.  I have also done the frozen meal thing, but they are never that great, so this has worked out better.  So when I go shopping this weekend will also try and pre-plan for lunches etc.

Your inner critic, I was reading on the blog, and she was talking about her inner critics.  To deal with it, while at a conference, she was feeling her inner critics taking over so she spoke with a police officer and she had him "arrest" her inner critics, had them in the squad care and drive them away.  She talked about a friend who had named her inner critic "Fred" and often told him to shut up.  I sort of like that!  We all have that doubt, that voice that tells us we won't succeed, we need to find a way to put that voice to rest.  I think I am going to name my inner critic, I shall call him Frank.

Today is the youngest's birthday, he is 17!  I am making chicken enchiladas (recipe will follow) and some nifty cupcakes.. with a few changes.  The original recipe calls for  EIGHT sticks of butter!!!  Just could not do it!

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