Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First week almost done!!!

How is the exercising going?  How about the food diary?  I have been doing ok....  My hardest time to track is on the weekends.  Its easy to me during the day as I keep a log on my computer at work and add to it as the day goes on.  Then before I go home I just add up what I have and figure how many calories I can eat for the evening.  But its not so easy for me on the weekends.  I tend to snack and have to be very careful with what I have around the house.  If something tastes good, if one or two is good, ten is better!  and I have a major sweet tooth!
I like cereal, and golden puffs were on sale.. so I now allow calories to get my sweet tooth fix.  There is no rule that you can't have anything, you just can have it in moderation!

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