Thursday, January 6, 2011

and we have some more folks joining

Please welcome Jessica and Becky!!!

So how do you track your physical exercise?  Do you write it down? estimate it? guess?  sit on the couch and wonder what you did today?  There are all sorts of programs you can use.  find something easy that works for YOU!!  It does not matter how many people say how easy something is, unless it works for you it does matter how perfect people say the program is it has to be perfect for you!

I am currently using a program called "Endomondo" Some friends recommended it and I downloaded the app to my android phone.  oh yeah, did I mention the cost?  its FREE!!!!

I have three dogs and have to walk them daily.  for them to be nice dogs, I have to do at least 30 min per day.   Today it was 47 min 38 seconds, and I walked 47 minutes and I can even give you my mile splits!  It automatically will post to Facebook.  It is really easy, I have my phone in my pocket, once I get everyone leashed up and ready to go, after the initial potty stop, I turn on endomondo.  There is a 10 sec delay feature and it will count down  "...3,2,1 start your endorphins"  I know, its corny, but still.  Also I have mine set for mile splits, so when I hit a mile, it will speak to me and say "1 mile in 19 minutes, 13 seconds"  Now if you are really coordinated when walking dogs, you could hit the pause button, so the potty breaks would not be times!  But, I can not operate my touch screen with gloves.. maybe when it warms up...

So that is one option, find one that works for you!!!

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