Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love twice baked potatos.....

I do not like the calories....But I love eating them.....  oh decisions!  Is there such a thing as a health twice baked potato?   maybe!!!!
here is what you need:
1 large potato... baked.. or cooked in the microwave
cut in half once done and scoop out the innards leaving the shell.
Take you potato and mash it all together, added 2 tbs light sour cream (40 cal!) and add salt and pepper to taste.  shred 1/4  cheddar cheese,  mix half of that in with the mashed potato.
meanwhile take three pieces of uncooked bacon and place on 2 paper towels on a  microwave safe plate.  cook on high 2.5-3 minutes... turns out perfect!
Now, take you mashed potato and add into your potato halves, sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bacon, place on oven safe pan and broil until cheese is melted.
1 large potato- 278 cal
bacon 150 cal
2 tbs light sour cream- 40
cheddar cheese 140
total calories: 608  or 1/2 potato is only 304!!!

I ate 1/2 potato and was full, it was dinner tonight and will be lunch tomorrow!

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