Monday, January 17, 2011

weight vs size

which is more important to you?  does the scale totally bum you out?  I had one member of our group so bummed because she had exercised and still gained a pound.  Remember fat weighs less then muscle... if you are exercising and watching your food and you gain a pound was it truly a pound of fat? Look at some other things... do you clothes fit better?  can you button your pants with out doing the shimmy dance trying to get them up and the buttons trying to meet?  (you all know what I am talking about!)

This week, I want you to go measure yourself.  As in thigh, waist, hips, upper arms.  write down the number, keep it, cherish it, put it in a safe place and forget about it....  then down the road I will have you re measure and compare.  Also, find that pair of jeans or shirt that you have held on to in the hopes you could wear it again.  (not from you high school days!!!)  Take it out of the back of your closet... try it on.  Then put it on a nice hanger so you can see it and hang it up in a prominent place for you to see.  Just a visual cue to remind yourself what you are working for.

So are you ready for the numbers?  Since I do not have every ones weight yet, I cannot give you a group start and loss yet....

The big winner or should I say loser, this week is Karile with 2 lbs!!  This is in spite of having 2 younger kids and starting a new job!  Way to go!!!!!

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