Tuesday, January 18, 2011

measure, measure, measure.. oh yeah and read the dang label!!!

step 1.  use measuring cup and measuring spoons.. do not estimate your measurements
step 2.  read a label

so why are these things important?  well I was writing down my food and averaging around 1000 calories but only lost a pound.  I looked at my creamer again for coffee and low and behold, forgot it was not my fat free/sugar free and I was not measuring well  so I bet my calorie count was way off!!!!

so my other error?  karile was not the biggest loser this week.. it was ....DARCY!! 3.5 LBS  WHOO HOO!

And lastly I had been asked for my special recipe for chicken tortilla soup...  I don't really follow directions or recipes to well with soup but will try!

5 chicken breasts- simmered in a jar of salsa, onions and peppers until meat is cooked thru.  break apart the chicken meat.  I took about half of this and used it for chicken fajitas, mainly the chicken and veggies not as much of the liquid

Take the other half and put it in a big sauce pot, add  1 can corn, 1 can black beans, 1 can garbanzo beans, 1 can rotell tomato and green chilis and 2 cans of tomato chunks.  Mix all together, simmer, add some taco seasoning if you like.  It freezes well and tastes great!  I also took some plain tortilla, sprayed them with pam and some season salt and bake in the oven at 300 until crisp, and they are great in the soup.

The soup was sort of like one I found on the net.. chicken similar lentils, but with avocado and sour cream cheese and tortilla chips and that was 370 cal a serving, so since this did not have that stuff I est about 275-300 calories for about a cup and a half serving

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